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 Easy Feeding Guidelines

 Feeding a fresh diet to your dog is easier than you might think. There are two things to remember:
 1) The diet is based on raw BONES and meat. Not just meat. The bones need to be consumable, that is -- soft enough to be chewed, swallowed and digested. The main nutrients of the diet are found in the bones, supported by the meat.
2) The diet must provide a variety of foods, especially different meat sources. Feed poultry for a good source of consumable bones and feed red meats for iron. Red meat bones are usually harder to chew and digest but provide valuable chewing practice and nutrition. Fish or fish oils must be fed to provide essential fatty acids.

Easy Superstore Diet:
  • chicken backs (available in six packs in the frozen section near the fish)
  •  pork bones (meat section)
  • beef soup bones
  • pork and beef liver (to make the veggie puree, see below)
  • frozen sardines, mackeral or smelts. 
  • This is a complete diet. 
 More ideas...Alternate the following foods to provide variety:
  • chicken backs ( I trim the skin and fat off a bit so the puppy won't choke on the rubbery he gets older he will be able to eat skin and fat no problem and may need it as it gives him good energy food.)
  • pork brisket bones or pork rib ends 
  • turkey necks (when he is older, for now that is a big chew for him) 
  • frozen salmon (pink is cheapest), mackerel or sardines 
  • beef mix -- which is simple, I simply mix hamburger half and half with canned pumpkin. I also break a couple of eggs into this mix. 
  • veggie mix -- puree beef or pork or chicken liver half and half with Romaine lettuce (mostly) and any other variety of fruits or veggies, lots of variety. I also break a couple of eggs into this mix, shell and all. I mix and freeze on cookie sheets in 1/2 cup servings, then toss into a freezer bag and thaw and use as I need them.
  • Buy: ground chicken with bone in at the BARF store. If they have beef with bone in you can buy that too. Either can be fed as is or you can buy with veggies or mix in some pureed veggies yourself. 
  • Raw green tripe is excellent food if you can get it. I also feed canned tripe which is called "Tripette". This is a great product for one of the daily meals. 
Forgot to thaw?
 Feed 1 cup of cottage cheese or a can of Jack Mackerel for the occasional quick meal.
Feed 1/2 - 1 t. of salmon oil or hemp oil or flax seed oil. Salmon Oil is best as it is a meat-based oil for your little carnivore.
Serving size is about 1/2 to 3/4 cup. Feed three times per day and just vary what you feed according to above. Reduce to 2 meals by 6 months, one meal at a year.

You should ALWAYS be able to feel the ribs. Cut back if the puppy feels too fat. Feed more if the puppy feels thin. 

Let me know if you ever have any questions. I will help all I can.

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